Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Small and simple things

The thing about people these days, is that entertainment can be easily bought. Boredom can be easily solved by spending a few dollars. It is not a bad thing considering living in a metropolitan city is fast and stressful. However, this phenomenon cultivates the inclination towards instant gratification in youngsters nowadays. Everything they want, they wants it fast. And for most things, it is technically possible, with cash! This post could go on to describe how youngsters would and only know how to indulge themselves by spending money on things that they do not need. But I wont go to the boring topic. What I want to focus on in this post is how people seems to take small things for granted. It took me a fall from the swing on top of A block rooftop to realise that. (Pain makes good inspiration)

I always jumps, a la superman, into my bed. Well, thanks to the ungraceful dismount from the A block rooftop swing, I couldn’t do it anymore due to my injured elbows. This saddens me. This made me think, why does it saddens me? I realised that the skin-deep injury stop me from getting my daily cheap thrills. Cheap thrill that I ceased to appreciate because life is just full of distractions. Same situation applies and extrapolates to other small things in life. It is like how we are distracted shiny new toys and gimmicks that do not matter that we forgot about small simple things that makes life worth living, like spending time with loved ones. It is the same for academics as well. We all get caught up and fussed up with assessments and tests that we forgot to enjoy the process of learning. And for those desperate singles out there, instead of searching far and wide for the special ones, please don’t forget to appreciate those who are around you now. There is no way by trading those that you already have for things that you might not get. It is the same with time as well. Try not to sulk because the good things the future may offer is not here yet. Likewise with the past, there is no point living in past glories. Instead, enjoy and create good moments as you live in the present.

As I stopped in the middle of studying for my midterms and started writing this post, I started thinking about things that I misses in my life now. There are a lot of things that I enjoyed doing, but now is a chore. Things like writing, making crafts and writing calligraphy. I got too distracted with the flurry that is School and Hall that I forgot to stop and breathe. And it takes me a fall from a badly engineered swing to realise that. So, what are you missing now?


[feelfree] said...

Very insightful and interesting post... I like how you related your realization to different groups of people. If you want, you should check my blog out


Forest Castle said...

Hey I happened to stumble upon your blog, and I like how you write your posts. I haven't read all, just two of them, but they are interesting!

BeerCrusader said...

That must be motherfucking-ly painful dude.

shaaka said...

I have got so caught up in work and games and movies, that i miss out on writing and interacting with my friends coz am too busy.

Anonymous said...

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