Monday, March 14, 2011

Ice cream and happy stuffs.

Happy things are like ice cream in one way or another.

Like how a lot of people crave for the sweetness of ice cream, a lot of people desires the sweetness of happiness. Some, however, detest happiness, not unlike people with sensitive teeth detest ice cream.

Ice cream are like happiness. Some like to add toppings and dried food on top of it. People like me prefers plain ice cream without toppings.

Happy things that are significant are like huge oversized ice cream. It is better to be shared rather than gobbling it down alone. Finishing an oversized ice cream alone doesn’t give you scalable satisfaction. It might just give you stomach ache.

*Inspired by Kuishinbo Ice Cream


shaaka said...

Hey am happy i fell on this blog randomly! i love the way you have turned that good looking icecream to a happiness philosophy of which i couldnt agree with you more. Love it!! keep em coming

~yq~ said...

omg i just read this! it looks so great, can i have one too??? ><
n yea, agree with the happiness saying =))

Randy Furco said...

Yummy..yummy..yummy..'nuff said :)

Anonymous said...

deep bro. deep.

Jennifer Black said...

I love the ice cream, its a great metaphor. Also a very good blog you've got here!

melanie said...

love your blog :) glad i found it!

Rachel Neil said...

That's an awesome ice cream cone, where do i find one for myself? LOL

buy rift account said...

Cool! what a good blog. .enjoyed reading it. =)

Hannah said...

Wow. I love that! It was so true. Sometime people think they are unable to achieve happiness and so they dont. It is sad.

hapi said...

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honnestoblog said...

ice cream always makes me happy :D mint ice cream please =]

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john emar salazar said...

nice! just a taste of that ice cream will do ^_^

Md. Abdul Mobin said...

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