Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 am in Mac Donald’s, Terminal 2

I was scanning through the MacDonald’s patrons when I felt a sharp pain to my chest. Spending the first night of Chinese New Year in the airport in foreign land may be depressing, but it is not that depressing the extent that I will suffer an intense heartache. Seeing a bastard hogging the only working computer terminal in Mc Cafe after combing through all three airport terminals for power plug for my laptop doesn’t make me sad, it can only piss me off. Filtering through all the possibilities, I reluctantly accepted that it was because of a girl sitting diagonally across the café from where I am enjoying my Mc Nuggets. It was not the espresso that she sips when she was chatting away with her companion. It was not the fluffy brown jacket that she had on her shoulders, not the white beret resting on her jet black long hair. It was not the red paperback lying near where she rested her elbow. It was the expression she wears, the way she moves her lips and the way how her eyes shined when she got excited. It was the caramel coloured complexion and how her hair wavy long haired curls. I hadn’t thought that it was possible until I saw her. She’s a perfect amalgamation of two special persons that affected my life in more ways than I could ever imagine.

Her complexion suggested that she was born from a Chinese-Indian parentage, reminding me of a dear old friend of mine, Penny. It couldn’t possibly be Penny as she is currently residing in a place which is at least 10 hours of flight from this particular airport. Penny had the same glow in her eyes as the espresso girl every single time when I share my crazy theories about multiverses and afterlife. She’s special because of that. She inspired me to dream up crazy ideas and convinced me that no matter how crazy an idea may sound, there will be someone out there who will appreciates it. it is partly due to her that I came to a conclusion that crazy ideas are ideas that will eventually be the ground breaking sciences of the future. A few years later, I found out that Albert Einstein had a quote that says something along that line. How long has it been since I last saw Penny? Was it 4 years?

She has the same small lips as Fanny. The peculiar way her lips curved when she smiled was identical to Fanny as well. Fanny is the second girl. Fanny is a quiet girl with a quirky but cute personality. She is a very independent girl, and happily lives every minutes of her blissful life. You could almost believe that she will live the same way even if she the only person left in the world. A browse through her Facebook pictures never fails to cracks me up whenever I’m feeling down. She is not being caged by other people’s expectations and shackled by social norm and what other’s think about her. This is something I hope I would be able to achieve some day.

As I put down my pen, I felt a drop of hot tear rolling down my right cheek. I realise at this very moment, I missed them sorely. Maybe one day, fate will allow us to meet again? Until then there is only 1 thing i could do: go on living.

Note: Penny and Fenny is not the real name. It is for illustration purpose only.


Aetherano said...

hmm intereseting..

Kathy said...

I know who is Penny :D

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

@kathy: I would disown you if you don't know. :)

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