Sunday, September 13, 2009


There was once an Infant. She was surrounded by Angels. When it was time for her to climb the Ladder, few said to her, “We will fly before you to pave the way.” Few said to her, “We will go alongside with you to support you.” The rest said, “We will be behind you to catch you if you were to fall.”

With a hopeful smile, the infant embarked on her journey. Without looking to the side, nor the back or front, she kept on climbing. Destination is the only thing she had in her mind.

The long and perilous finally came to an end. The infant reached the Destination, but not without a fair share of scratches and scar. Smiling before her are the angels who went before her, congratulating her for completing the journey. Beside her, are the angels who went with her, showing thumbs up to the infant.

Everything was fine until an angel look at her in an odd way. From that moment, she realised that all the angels have been treating her differently since she arrived at the Destination. They weren’t as warm to her as they were back then. The bubble of illusions burst. She noticed that the porcelain faces of the angels are cracked and creased. Their wings aren’t that feathery as she had imagined. Is this some kind of conspiracy, she thought to herself. Maybe it is. The angels are corrupted, she thinks.

She began to distance herself from the creatures she once knew as angels. The angels tried to approach her. She thought, They are trying to corrupt me as well? Never! She ran as fast as she could, as far away as she could until she reach a huge lake. The angels weren’t pursuing her anymore at that point of time. Relieved, she decided to have a long bath. As she stripped, she began to see that even her body is not the same as before. Using the water surface as a mirror, she look at herself and noticed drastic physical changes. She was no longer the child she was. Confused and enraged, she wailed.

The next day, the few angels who began their journey after her arrived at the Destination. Seeing that she is no where to be found, one of them asked the angels who were there before them. She committed suicide, they said.