Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Paranoia ep. 2: Jealousy

She opened her eyes. Her back is wet with sweat. Was that a dream? She looked around. She pinched herself to make sure that she is awake.

“So it really wasn’t real,” she said to herself. But the thought of the Dream sent chill down her spine. She knew that it is uncomfortably close to the reality.

“I must be strong,” she said to herself. But the blind girl made it hard for her.

The blind girl was already there before she and the angels arrived at the Destination. The angels took pity on her due to her conditions, being blind and alone. The girl however did not see it that way. To her, the blind girl is her competitor for the angel’s attention. The blind girl being blind, naturally have an edge over the girl.

She tried every method she could think of, but nothing seems to work. At most, the angels will chat with her for a few minutes before switching their attentions back towards the blind girl. All except one, who introduced himself as Angel Elze. He listened to her, talked to her, until she is smiling again.But not for long. Every time she sees the blind girl, she will be depressed again and the process repeats itself for god knows how long.

“What if the dream is true? What if the blind girl is really a demon? What if they have already been corrupted by the girl? I must warn them,” she whispered to herself. Her eyes half crazed by her sudden revelation. 

“What dream?” It was Angel Elze. He was listening the whole time.

“Oh Elze, thank God you are here. You must help me convince them that the girl is evil,”

“I have been suspecting that for a while now,” grabbing her arm he continued, “Let’s go and confront her.”

The angels weren’t around the blind girl at that time.

“Oh, you must be the Felice the angels were talking about. What brings you here?” the blind girl welcomed the girl into the house.

Without much delay, the girl bombarded the blind girl with strings of questions and accusations. The blind girl, bewildered by the girl’s hostility, denied every accusations. Perceiving the blind girl’s denials as defiance, the girl is angered even more. She tried to choke the blind girl.

The angels arrived just in time to prevent the tragedy. With her arms pulled back, she struggled and beg them to listen to her.

“We’re listening,” one of the angels said.

“She’s a demon!” said the girl.

“How ironic. You tried to strangle her and you claimed that she is the demon?”

“Elze! Convince them!”

Angel Elze just smiled and left.

“Elze! Don’t leave, Elze!”

“Who is this Elze?” the bewildered angels asked the girl.

“Wasn’t he one of you? You are so corrupted that you don’t even remember your past comrade!” the girl screamed. She broke free of the angels hold and ran towards the lake.

Few hours later, a corpse was washed to the lake shore.

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JJ you are no doubt is great story teller :p