Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Of Uni, Hall, and Hall Mates

Hey guys, sorry for being such a procrastinator. [the last post was one month ago.... hurmmm maybe I should make it a monthly updated blog.]
Seeing that Ziyi and Zhuangyin had already posted numerous posts about their life in campus, being a Malaysian who has already been here for 2 years, I must be kiasu!! Heh.. just joking, no offence to my lovely Singaporean friends. I just felt obliged to offer from my point of view about the life in campus so that it would give the readers a unbiased and wholesome idea on how studying in Singapore uni (urh mebe jz NUS) feels like.
In NUS there are 2 types of accommodation for freshmen (from this point onwards, I will use "freshie(s)" instead of freshman/freshmen) - hall and residence. The difference being hall is a community where a bunch of undergrads live side by side as a part of a big close knitted family, while residence is just a place where students sleeps in, not unlike a regular apartment where neighbours rarely have anything to do with each other aside from living geographically close to each other. I chose to live in a hall due to many reasons. The main reason being the fear of being a student who graduate without any close friends to wear the graduation robe with.
A happy resident in Kent Ridge hall knows that there will always be people to talk to when he is down, people to lean on to when he is uncertain, people taking care of him when he is sick, people you can laugh and cry with when he is happy or sad, people who he can look up to when he is lost, and the list go on. I truly felt that way despite being a less-than-a-month-old Kentridgean. I want to take this chance to express my gratitude towards the A block seniors who have been truly angels during FWOC. I was diagnosed with measles on my second day of FWOC and had to be quarantined in my room until my fever resides (YES I MISSED OUT ON A LARGE PART OF FWOC). They are the ones who have been graceful enough to deliver meals to my room and been warm enough to ask about my recovery progress.
I was involved in the Star To Burst (STB) just yesterday. It is a concert where freshies were to perform in various culture groups in KR to get the feel of performing on stage as a part of a culture group. Culture groups of KR, otherwise known as K6, is made up of 6 components (hence K6) - KRX, KR Dance, KR Inspire, KR Choir, KR Acapella, KR Rocker. Since those performing in STB has yet to be permanent member of the K6, they are given a different (and lame) names, namely, KRY, KR Lance, KR Perspire, KR Quiet, KR Acapellets, KR Pebbles. [lol] Yup, just to confirm the authenticity of Ziyi's post, I was in the KR Quiet and KR Acapellets. It was quite a fun and new experience to performing with microphone with the Acapellets. Blending was next to impossible since I could barely hear myself. Have to sing from the memory. Judging from the crowd response, I guess we did well.
As for studies, it has been an honour and pleasure to have Ziyi and Pauline as my study buddies. Ziyi for his crappy/ sexist/ porno comments, and Pauline for her bubbly personality and her unusually amusing low voice. Its great having you guys around, especially for days that starts at 8 in the morning and ends at 6 in the evening.
Looking at the load of readings we have to read, I felt kinda intimidated but yet motivated at the same time. Lectures had been great and interesting (lucky I din pick the physics module that ziyi got, I might die from boredom), seniors have been helpful in helping us to make decision on which modules to take and guiding us on how to bid cleverly to get the modules that we want.
Hurm..... The quality of the post is getting worse by every sentence. Maybe I should just eat the Mc Chicken and have a nap again. Anyway, UNI LIFE, HERE I COME!!!


Gila Babi said...

PC1328 : Life As A Complex System , a module for Arts student .. AARRGGHH !!! WTF WHY I CHOOSE THIS MODULE ??!?!!!!

JJ , you did a great job in the Acapella and the choir..

And i don't talk porn in front of girls ok ?! AHaha !! I only talk about it to boys..

Gah... Don't know how life in NUS will be like without you and Pauline.. sure will be damn boring in those lectures... ZZ....

Good Luck dude !

ladybird said...

Good to hear that! Keep updating your blog ya! :)

yin_zyiN said...

People are enjoying, but I am feeling it as a suffering. Why? What? How come?!!

natalie said...

hey hey you missed out supper!

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

hhaha and all my lovely a blocker friends :) will do it in my next post. :)