Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mid Exam Update

Hi guys. As you can see, I’m typing this in the middle of the night(2AM) a time when normal human would be sleeping. Apparently this habit is kind of normal among students, especially when exam is around the corner or in my case, already here.

I haven’t really explicitly blogged about myself and my life for quite a while. Well, I do blogged about my life, but not in a conventional way. All the posts that precede this post was written in such that they reflect my state of mind at the point of writing. They are all in a very transformed form, and was written with meticulous planning. I must say that my language command is not that great, but I will try to choose words that are suitable and in context when writing. But recently, I did something really really embarrassing when i was composing a mass good luck message for my friends who were facing their finals. This is how it is read:

Hey people, its been great knowing you guys. Thanks for being in my life, being who you are and doing what you have been doing. Before going to sleep today, allow me to wish you guys to have a great week ahead. Last but not least, jia you for your exam and stay healthy!


So what do you guys think? I’ll tell you what the recipients of the message think. They thought it was a suicide note. Reason being the first 2 sentences. Apparently it is a typical starting lines for a suicide note. Hurm. It still stump me how trying to be philosophical in daily life will lead to misunderstandings in such a way. But it does sound like I’m saying this to those people for the last time. Adding on to the first two suicidal sentences is my ambiguous “going to sleep”. In any normal paragraph, it would probably mean going to sleep literally. But with the first two sentences setting the suicidal mood, “sleep” suddenly means more than sleep.

I couldn’t help myself but laugh when I received buffeting replies from concerned friends just a few minutes later. I had to reply to each of them, assuring that I’m fine. What a pain in the ass. But heck, I really got a good long laugh before sleep that day.

Christmas is coming. The Christmas decorations has already been put up in Orchard and Marina Bay. The ubiquitous festive mood makes me longing for home. Anyway, friends in Sungai Petani, I will be back in town on the 2nd December. Haha. So look out for me :)

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