Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dedicated to friends who asked me (nicely) to update my blog.

Sorry for the last post. Vincent was summoning all sd1 guys to play tower defense. heh so had to cut the post short.

Many had been asking what i have been doing since the start of the holiday. You know what, i'm so tired of it that i'm going to summarize what i did here and direct them to my blog. grr....

So.... here's what i basically did since 3rd december.

Significant events

1. went out with mum and aunt to shop for cloths and clothes for my cousin's dinner. (wondering why the cloths? my aunt is a tailor. she make her own clothes. :) cool huh?)
2. went to Kuala Lumpur to see my bro. (Wow. he got a girlfriend and a new camera :) not bad.)
3. went to Hatyai/Songkhla with my mum's friends and children. (if u are asking me what is it like? imagine a bunch of aunties and a bunch of children under 12 and couple of other teenagers who shop and spend money like water. We went to a tunnel dug by communist during the post independence period and some other very interesting places. The people we went with are so different from who i am. But hell, it was a lot of fun. the kids are cute and the teens are friendly. and guess what we karaoke the whole way home in the van. Oh and i bought a doraemon made out of glass beads.)
4. Fixed my bike!! (the bike is still kinda wonky after it came back from the mechanic. lousy mechanic. i have to dirty my hand again after paying 10 ringgit. rawr. 10 ringgit for freedom, bucks well spent.)
5. Bro bought a 500 gig hdd for me.
6. Changed the ibrahimkaki's skin (courtesy of the slave driver :) )
7. Watched wall-e on the new tv my dad bought. (awesome!)
8. Go out with friends. (breakfast, lunch dinner and badminton)

less significant
1. everyday chores (includes moping the floor, put the laundry out to dry, wash dishes, tidy up room, water plants, trim the grass and trees)
2. Repainted portions of the house.
3. Wii-ing
4. Help my parents with some I.T. related stuff (like setting up skype for my mum, configure the tv (old and new) for my dad, teach my dad how to check stock market counter prices from the internet and the list go on)
5. Reinstalled my windows. (it started went weng weng before the A levels start. but its still working to a certain extent. but yesterday ashley(my notebook)'s "illness" got worse. it crashed every time i booted it into windows. UBUNTU ROXX)
6. Read Brisingr. (Disappointing. period.)
7. Chatted with lots of friends online.
8. Got a stomach flu the day i got back form singapore. (Bread and milo for a few days. T-T)

Status report:

Physical: weak. lost my six packs. going to exercise a lot from now on
Mentally: Happy. There is no place like home.
Emotionally: stable. although suffering from lack of sleep due to too much excitement
Academically: not good. haven't touch my book for such a long time. im actually feeling guilty.
Location: Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia.
Summary: Rotting

So... I guess thats it folks. C'ya soon. (it might mean another year) :)

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