Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back to Square 1

Hey guys. Sorry for not blogging for such a long time.
It's time to wake this blog up.
Since A-level is behind me now, i guess it's another new era for me now. Hence i decided to redesign the blog to mark the end of a chapter of my life and the beginning of a new one. For the moment, the blog is under construction. pardon me for the "whiteness(?)" of the site.

it shocked me to realise that im gonna turn 20 in 20 days or so. looking back at the last 19 years of my life (not counting the first year since i hardly have any memory of my first year of existence except that i know that i got my scar on my left eye brow during that period), i wonder if my existence actually made the world a better or a worse place.

-deep thoughts-

ah. who cares. im off to play some tower defense. catch ya'll soon.

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Gila Babi said...

Ok dudie ... msn me offline message and tell me where will you be carolling !!