Monday, December 3, 2007

Cute Video

Uh i found this in Ketee's Blog. Hahah I know its very cute. Felt like sharing to my friends in Singapore^^

I wanted to talk about food today. Today while eating in a prata stall in Clementi with wei kit, i suddenly had an epiphany. Yea an epiphany. About why they say cooking is an art. Dun ask me why a prata stall, I dont know. Lets jz say that the light suddenly shone on me from the heaven and -zeeeeng- enlightenment.

Food is an art. However, food by itself is not a complete art. Just like all other art pieces, it needs the approval of critiques, in this case is the customers.

If i were to compare food with a painting, the taste will be the colour, the texture will be the material. the canvas will be the people who consume it. Just like a painting, it needs to be framed b4 it can be considered complete, the food needs to be consumed. The beauty of this art is the joy that people showed when eating the food^^. Beautiful isn't it?

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I always love food :] And see what happens now? I've gained weight from too much of eating :p

Gila Babi & Snow White said...

Who's my girl friend ??

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erm.. right.