Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hi everyone^^

IF Santa were to visit Singapore, how will he look like?
santa in sentosa.bmp

Sharyl thinks he will look like this XD [Sharyl, i hope he won't take you out of his "NICE" list]
And later we have this idea of making Santa a super hero........ [he already is in our hearts]
We had a good laugh about Santa in singlet and his beer tummy^^

This is Don in Vivo^^
We're so random that we took out our scores and started singing carols by the fountain.

Oh and guess what, I woke up earlier than the Sun yesterday^^. Why? To watch sun rise with Sharyl! We thought that we will be the only ones crazy enough to be in Chinese Garden at such an unearthly hour, (Well not exactly unearthly....). There are already people there even tho we cant even see our fingers(A bit exaggerated, but u get the idea)......

The sunrise was really fast. Before long, the sky was as blue as Sharyl's eyes. (She wore coloured contact lenses)

We went up the pagoda first. There was 7 levels and 180 steps in case you all want to know.(Yea...... we counted the steps).

This is me trying to steal a scroll from Wen Tian Xiang^^

Me with my Zodiac's statue in the Zodiac garden. (Wooohoooo I am on top of the .... Err.... Dragon?)

Haha. this is Some random picture i took from the Chinese Garden^^ A Grassy Cross!!!!!

I had fun. Lots of fun. Get to know Sharyl more as we chatted along the way as we walk. Mc D in Jurong East was great.

Hope and Don asked me how was my morning. Here's my answer:
I realised something about life. A genuine smile outshines even the beauty of a sunrise.

Sharyl, thanks a lot for inviting me to witness the glorious sunrise^^

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ladybird said...

Another update from you since the last post.Why don't have the pic of sunrise??

落叶 said...

Wao, wat a rare n valuable update.. HAHA

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

my phone camera cant snap pics in the dark....