Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have this silly superstition about haircut. I believe (yes I still believe) that cutting hair makes me lose a part of me.

I just had a haircut few days ago, and here is the story behind my haircuts.

It all started when I was in primary school. I used to observe that my grades of those papers that commence shortly after my haircuts were worse than average. My younger self who used to read bible stories thought that I was somehow related to / reincarnated from Samson who will be weakened if his hair is cut. That’s why I never cut my hair before any tests because I believed that I will lose some of my knowledge if I did. This practice dates back to my upper primary years.

When I went into secondary school, like every teens I went through a lot of emotional up and down. Puberty sucks. Anyway, having a haircut after a bad period somehow always makes me feel better. Hence, I further my theory about haircut: Haircuts doesn’t make me lose my knowledge per se, but instead it makes me lose a part of me. It’s just my theory about myself. Don’t shoot me if it doesn’t work for you. It only applies to me. Hence you can see that after major setbacks in my life, I will almost always cut my hair short or in a different style.

If you think that’s all, you are wrong. If I’m not wrong, I used to share my philosophy and theories about life with my classmates. Those closer to me will know that I believe that everything is just a replica everything else but in different scales or sense (Yes, Charissa, if you are reading this, I’m talking about Core-logy). Life is like an omnibus of assorted stories. Haircut for me is like the last full-stop of a short story. After the full-stop, i.e. haircut, everything is about a whole different story, filled with different emotions, plots, characters. So if you see me cut my hair, I’m beginning a new chapter of my life (that is if I’m not forced by any rules or any organization to cut my hair).

I’ve just had my hair cut a few days ago, and here is the reason why.

I’m an emo person despite my cheerful appearance. I emo about everything and this time it’s about everything that happened between A-levels, my father’s hospitalization and university application. I cut my hair so that I could put all this behind me and concentrate on what’s next but not let all my past disappointments bog me down.

Thank you, God, for creating Samson, for giving me inspiration through the bible. Pray that You will renew my strength as you did for Samson for every haircut I had.

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Gila Babi said...

go bald lar...

Nice .. i tried it before.. just that your head will get a bit painful when you are standing under the hot sun..