Sunday, January 13, 2008

HI Guys

It's been long since I last blogged. I'm sorry, it's due to my business with Orientation 2008 and all the catching up I have to do. I'm here to declare that i am alive and kicking in case some of you thought that I'm dead due to my inactivity in cyberspace.

I guess I should start my first post with my new year resolutions and recollections of what happened last year.

New Year Resolutions:

  • Short term: Complete all my homework in time by all means [including sacrificing computer time]
  • Mid term: Physical fitness [Get a gold in NAPHA]
  • Long Term: Do well in A-Level [a's for all core subjects]

My last year started in December 2006 as it is the true start of a new chapter in my life.

It was a monsoon season when I first arrived in Singapore. I as blur as a mole in daylight. I still remember how shocked I was upon discovering that all my fellow Malaysian direct scholars in my junior college are actually all girls. [girls no offence, but I ASSUMED those from RECOM were guys] I still remember how me and my roommate, Divyanshuu Arora [cool name: Aurora] met. Vishesh was there. Apparently there was some admin mistake. Vishesh was given my room key, and it all started with awkward hi and all the usual stuff you will say when you meet strangers. We ended up calling for the admin office for help to resolve the room problem. [luckily everything ended up peacefully]

I've always liked to compare life to a movie. One of the main factors that makes a movie great is the casts. The difference between movies and life is that there is a distinction between main and minor characters in the movies. Life on the other hand, every single character involved counts. These are the cast involved in my 2007 life. (Appears in Chronological Order)


This guy takes up a large part of my 2007. He is an Indian [obviously]. I am really grateful to the God for letting us meet and be roommates. I seriously can't imagine how life would be without all his stupid practical jokes, retardedness and messiness. He made it easier for me to breathe, he loosen the yoke the hectic life had put around my neck. I don't think I will be able to adjust to the life here without him. Besides, he is a fun person to tease **cough*p*o*cough*o*j*a*cough**. Just kidding.

Resident of the Year: WEI KIT

I met this big guy the night I moved into NUS High School Residence (presently NUS High Boarding School). There was a loud knock on my door as I was unpacking my stuff. When I opened the door, the first thing that came into my mind wasn't an image, but a question. HIS question. He came in the olive green shirt and blue shorts with a red pail in his right hand and a blue Dynamo detergent in his left hand, with a rather puzzled look on his face. He asked: "Are you Jiing Jiunn?" (I have to say that he is one of the first few person who got my name correct in the first try.) Then he invited himself in without any further question.

This guy has been a great bro to me, maybe even a father. He is the epitome of agape. The unconditional love that he expressed through the good food he cooked and lectures he gave makes life more bearable. His occasional (or should I say very often) scream, makes the hostel life much more interesting. He is a guy who loves ACJC very much. He inspired me to become who I am today, to give without question and never expect any return. He made me love ACJC even more. He is the main reason I applied to be an OGL. He is the reason I cook pasta with lots of cheese whenever I can in the hostel. Oops its gotten a bit too cheesy....

Fellow Malaysian Direct Batch-mates: Hai Ching, Wei Yong and Vincent Chan

First there were 4 girls and 1 guy. Hai Ching, Wei Yong, Yi Rhu, Yi Ning and me. The my wish on the wish ball came true. Along came Vincent Chan.

"When Malaysians get together.. Shit happens." ~Wei Kit

All the havoc and chaos made hostel life fun. With blur queen and princess on board with stupid and idiot, hostel life has never been more fun.

But amidst the confusion, 2 of the members left. Leaving only 4 left to venture the remaining journey towards A-level.

All the frisbees, Malaysian tiles, milkshakes and handshakes(being lame here) made us family to each other. Viva Malaysia


Jowell was one of the few friendly faces amongst the first J1 tenor batch last year. Fate brought us together and we became good friends. I guess the fact that we've been through thick and thin together in choir for a year made this bond so special. I guess it helps that he is a Cancer, and I have always been close friends with Cancers. Love those times when we chill at some random cafe and start bitching about stuffs in our lives. The willingness to share secrets and sorrows we have with each other truthfully without reservation makes us good pals. But I have to apologize to him for certain occasions because I've gone overboard on certain matters. He is the reason I promised myself that I will do whatever it takes to support him so that we can and will see the choir through this year.

Classmates: Jack+Yihui

Hi Jack. -Muahahahah- Hijack^^ got it? And of course, Yi Hui It has been a fruitful year of friendship and God seeking. It has been an awesome journey, walking with you guys on this perilous journey that God has set for us. But He is merciful as He gave us each other, just like how He gave the paralyzed man a mat and 4 friends. Seeing God from different your perspectives, from your points of view, made me realize how the perfect God has a perfect plan for us all. You also made me realize how vulnerable a human is and why God created friends for each of us, so that we can help each other out in life.

Thank you and AMEN^^

GA2, Rightfully GA1: Sharyl

A small girl with heart that can contain the ocean. Being shorter than me by twenty cm, doesn't make me think that she is smaller than me. She is in fact, larger than life. I have never seen anyone with so much passion for life and for humanity. With sparkling eyes and a contagious smile, she makes the statement "Good stuff comes in small packages" even truer.

Helping people and making people happy is what she does best. But you'll never see her doing anything for herself. I guess others' happiness is what fuels her. Chocolate, is what she is allergic to, but you often see her baking chocolate cookies and buying chocolate, just for the sake of making other people happy.

Despite all that, she is a person, not just a happiness factory. As a person, she is fun, open minded, and always dare to do new and crazy stuff. Riding loop buses and singing carols with another retarded friend, waking up at 4 in the morning, just to watch the sunrise in Chinese Garden, and many more. Her unique personality made her lots of interesting friends. e.g. Liz, Leo, Alfred, Dee and gang, Joshua, Robin... etc.....

Despite all the great things she did, she still says that I am an angel, but the truth is I am nothing more than a mirror that reflects her angelic radiance.


Hi Don, you have been a good friend to me. It's fate that we meet, but I always blame myself as to why I haven't known you earlier. But when I think back, I wasn't late. It was just the right time. Even if I've known you earlier, it wouldn't change anything we have now, except for that the fact that I've known you for a longer period of time.

I don't think I've told you this, but I want to thank you for singing beside me for that period of time. The reason I have my voice now is because of you.

Besides that you've given me lots of stuff to think about. You've made me mature into a more compassionate man than I was before. You've made me realize how series of events is are instrumental in changing a human's perspective of the world. You've made me realize how interlinked is a society is to its members. For that I thank you.

You are a very intelligent guy. I have no doubt that you will succeed in USA. It's just that you need to believe in yourself more. See you soon. ^^

There are a lot more people I wanted to include in this post, but there are insufficient spaces. sorry... But those who have been there for me, friends, family, and teachers, I thank you because you've made me to who I am now and I am glad that I met you. And that concludes my 2007.