Friday, November 2, 2007

Hi Again

I cant believe i actually got under fire for not posting. I suppose that happens because either:
  1. People loves my blog, OR,
  2. People loves and cares about me

Anyway, i will post today no matter what. Poor bloggie, got neglected for so long.

Soon it will be the end of the year. "End" is a two faced word. It can be a blessing or a disaster. Its a blessing when bad things end; its a disaster when good things end. Everybody understand why God let the bad things to end. But have you ever wonder why God actually allow good things to end? It is actually pretty simple. Without a bad things, good things will seem normal. God does not want people to take everything thats good for granted. Therefore, good things have to end for bad things to happen to actually make good things good. A bit cheem? Ok. Bad things serves as a relative comparison for good things. Just like how the simpson movies where the corrupted politician arrange the soldiers around the dome. "100 strong men and 100 weak men", "The weaker men is to make the strong men look stronger". Lol. The movie amused me, at the same time, i picked up a lot of lessons from it.

Ok... Deviated too much from the topic. The point of describing the word end to such an extent is to give you all a better idea of the overwheming period i've experienced for the past seven days. Lets start from the release of the promo results. I did not do quite bad. Just managed to scrape through the requirement to keep my scholarship. 17 of my fellow comrades were not that lucky however. They got called by the teacher mentors and Ms Doreen Lim for scholarship review. Was brooding over the fate one particular friend tho. A very precious friend to me. Things hasn't been great for him for the whole year. Bad things kept happening to him. I felt very helpless, not knowing what to do, i realise i can only surrender to God, and pray that He will bring my friend light, the silver lining behind the cumulonimbus.

Aside from the bad news, we have some good news. I've finished two paper of my 7 a level subject!!! Hooray!!!
For weeks, not sleeping well has taken toll on me. I've lost weight. Tremendously. For a person whose weight is relatively constant since form 1, it has been a scary experience. 55 kg.. I don;t know what to say. Thank god that PW is over. Although I think i screwed my OP, But i am trully relieved that the burden is lightened. I can finally sleep properly. Chinese AO was quite ok. Expected harder questions tho.


I guess this is the price you have to pay for joining a high profile CCA. Will be spending the rest of the holidays practicing carols, CIP and study. After thinking it out, it is actually not that bad. Tomorrow i will plan the detail of my holidays. Dont wanna spend the holidays playing DOTA.

Oh yea. the J2 are having their A levels now!!! Lets pray for them, and may the god be with them all the time.

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ladybird said...

Okay.Finally you post something meaningful here.Pray for your friend,hope everything will be alright for him.And hey pray for me too.I got exam tomorrow :]