Friday, October 5, 2007

Arts Museum VIsit

Haji Widayat between Worlds: A Retrospective | Art Knowledge News
Haji Widayat Queen Of The Jungle
Yi Hui, Annabel, Vivien and me had a very random outing today. We started off at Chinatown. We had a lot of fun there sightseeing. Found many interesting and surprising stuff there.
    After that we've been to Suntec to buy some body shop product. hahah we had fun testing all kinds of bodyshop products. Even as i am typing now, i smelt like a walking Chocolate.
Then we came to the Arts museum which at first we thought was SJI[... hahahaha]. This is he part of the outing i want to highlight today.
    We had a guided tour around the arts museum by a fantastic british lady, Judith somebody. We got to know this peculiar artist, Haji Widayat. His works are able to stand out from all other artists' due to the large variety of styles he had used over the years as an artist. Follow the link for details.
    We had fun and I bought YUI's newest album and got the free gift the girls got from bodyshop for spending a lot. [I dunno how to use it tho... body lotion.]

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