Sunday, September 9, 2007

Life Without Limbs :: Nick Vujicic

Life Without Limbs :: Nick Vujicic

He (Nick) came to City Harvest Church to speak to us and share his testimony. It was awesome and inspirational, especially when you see his smile. (I'll let the video do the talking for me on this)

He smiles despite his disabilities. He swims although he has no limbs. He live a normal life eventhough he has some pieces missing form his body.
His video was amazingly touching. I almost cried.[**the youtube video is not the video shown during the sevice]
His conditions set me thinking, if god is perfect, He should and never will make mistakes. Therefore, when a baby is born with disabilities, god must have want it that way, since god had thought of everything out even before our birth. God want to use one the way he is. This will mean that it is futile for someone who is born with disabilities to pray for his physical ailments to be healed. Instead one should seek the path that god had designed for him and live it the way god wants it to be. Just like what Nick said this morning: If god had healed him, giving him a perfect body, how many will believe that god actually healed him? Instead, more will come to challange the truth. If god has healed him physically, he will not even be there to talk to us.
Something he mentioned this morning strikes me. Faith in god prod us to make the decision to trust in Him. Therefore the statement signify that faith is different from trust The difference between faith and trust can be explain with a simple analogy: If your car is spoilt, you take it to the mechanics. This is trust because you know that a mechanics fixes cars. If your car is spoilt, you take it to a grocery. That is faith because you do not know if the grocer can fix a car or not, but you've made the decision to trust that he can fix your car. In short, we should not trust in god because we know that he heals and save us from hell, but instead, trust him out of faith and because he is our faithful god.
I really felt blessed this morning. I thank Brian for bringing me along to the service. I thank god too for placing Brian in my life so that he can bring me closer to god.

P/S: the Bak Koot Teh I ate for lunch tastes like warm water with a lot of pepper. Oh man, I really miss my hometown's Bak Kut Teh.... The meat is soft and tender though.

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