Friday, September 7, 2007

J's Sanctuary

J's Sanctuary

To commemorate the success of revamping my blog, I decided to write a post about what nudged me to make such a drastic change to my blog's cosmetics.

I was first inspired to decorate my blog when I saw Don's emo blog and Jowell's dark blog at the beginning of the year. However, my feeble attempt at beautifying my blog was truncated due to the lack of inspiration, raw materials and time. Another reason is due to the fact that this blog existed as a place for me to express my appreciation or discontentment towards life.

It was until recently when I saw Ziyi's courageous efforts to decorate his blog with the funny pig heading that I changed my mind set about blogging. It set me thinking: even if my blog is for me alone, should I not want the contents to be shown to the world, why bother writing the blog at the first place? That leads to another question: if the blog is meant to be read by everybody isn’t it a form of representation of myself?

Another event spurred me on to explore the possibilities of beautifying and personalizing the blog to serve as my “incarnation in the net” is no other than ASEAN Dance. Thanks to Wei Kit’s camera that I got hold of many photo of me, thus I have my materials. After a few hours of editing and rendering, I came up with the template, of which I am very proud of. After confirmation from few close friends, I published the headings. Then I spent a whole day adding stuffs and fine-tuning every detail in the blog. Voila, J’s Sanctuary

The reason I chose to change the heading is because I am neither an alien in Singapore anymore and nor is Singapore new to me. Since the blog is me and where is voice out about life, it is my little sanctuary where I can do what I like, and most of all it is a refuge for me from the harsh real world. The reason I chose the alphabet “J” is because it is the one and only alphabet that explains me as I am.

Finally, I want to thank many people who helped me in my small little project. I want to thank friends, especially Don, Ziyi, Wei Kit and Div for all the inspiration and support, webmasters for sharing the Photoshop brushes, blog templates and Widgets, and not to forget the website tutorials for teaching me how to use Photoshop a few years back when I got hold of my first Photoshop which was a 5.0. Besides that I also want to thank my bro, for introducing me to a few blogging tools like Google Analytics, CSS, Flock….. Last but not least, I want to give credit to Blogger for allowing me to host my blog for free.

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Gila Babi said...

I see ..
It's PhotoShop as expected !!

Soon you'll see more pigs !!

ViVa La Pig !!

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

lol go babi!!!