Monday, August 27, 2007

Bad bad day

Its a really bad monday for me, although its nothing compared to the worst day i ever had [i will post about it if i have time].
Started off with a classmate scolding me for nothing. THAT was STILL ok. I prayed to the god, asking HIM for forgiveness and grant me strength to forgive the poor girl. However things got from bad to worse. I endured, maintaining a cheerful mood, thanks to the god.
The fuse really ran out during choir. I just can't stand the way they do things. Sluggish, superficial. Yea i know, it contradict the motto (Passion, Integrity, Love) completely. Totally defeats the purpose of having that motto when people do not realize the motto.
By the way, giving more in the CCA is rarely appreciated. It is not that I hunger for praise or anything, but IMO when people give, at least don't scold them for trying to give even though they gave the wrong way. I am not pinpointing at anybody. So, whoever that read this post shud not be offended. (although i doubt anyone from choir will check out my blog as i don't publicise my blog. It exists jz for me to shout out all my discontentment in life)
ARGH I am frustrated!!!!!!!!

I will close this post with a prayer:
Dear Father in Heaven,I pray that you will hear me. Father, I pray that I will have the will power enough to stay away from temptation, have the intuition to do what I must do everyday. I pray that I will have to strength to forgive others for their wrongdoings against me. I know that they are here to shape me and refine me so that I will improve and be a better person. Lord i pray for guidance, guidance to lead a life that will glorify you, Lord. Help me to conquer the life just as you conquered the grave. Father, I also want to pray for Jia Jun(J2) that his family problem will be solved. Father, I also pray that friends and family around me who are in crisis to be able to solve their own problems with your help lord. I also pray that the world environment to be save from human greed, and the oppressed to be able to not be oppressed. I also pray that there will be peace in hearts of every human.
In Jesus' precious name I pray,

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ladybird said...

Hoho....It's me!
It's good to see you updating your blog.Keep it up guy.....Have a nice day....:)